UM Opera Theater and Symphony Orchestra: The Medium and Gianni Schicchi Dennison Theatre

The UM Opera Theater presents its biennial opera production, in collaboration with the UM Symphony Orchestra. The shows are two one-act operas, each about an hour, both performed in English.

The Medium (Menotti) tells the tale of Mme. Flora. She holds fake seances, assisted by her daughter Monica and by a young boy, Toby, whom they’ve taken in. But during one of the seances, things seem to turn real and Baba starts to come apart, desperate to explain the touch from beyond.

Gianni Schicchi is an uproarious comedy by Puccini – the only comedy he ever wrote. The greedy Donati family scorns Gianni Schicchi because of social class. But they need his help to overturn a will. His daughter Lauretta wants to marry young Rinuccio, the only nice Donati. Schicchi steps in to help, but there are definitely surprises in store for all! Dr. Stephen Kalm will appear as guest artist, playing the role of Gianni Schicchi.