Top Learner Contest Tickets
Jul 13 – Jul 24 all-day
Top Learner Contest

The Prize

Each team member of the winning team gets to pick a new book of their choice! (up to $200 maximum total)

How to Win

A team will be designated as “top learners” if all team members complete at least one LinkedIn Learning course.

  • If only one team achieves “top learners” status, then they are the winners!
  • If more than one team achieveand s top learner status, then the team with the highest total number of courses watched by the team will be the winners.

Setting up Your Learning Team

  1. Create a team–you must have 4-10 people to create a team. Larger teams will have an advantage. One person should be designated as the “Team Learning Captain”.
    • Teammates can be coworkers or other colleagues that want to explore a professional development theme together.
  2. Decide what professional development content your team wants to explore. The topic is up to you!
    • Potential topics: communication, project management, inclusivity, graphic design, time management, innovation, emotional intelligence, leadership, Excel—and more.
  3. Register for the Learning Contest. Registration will require the names of team members, the name of the team captain, and the professional development theme to be explored
  4. Each team member logs in to LinkedIn Learning and completes at least one full course related to your team’s chosen topic. Team members can watch the same or different courses.
    1. Team members should send the name of the course they completed to the Team Captain, who will be responsible to report the names of completed courses
    2. At the end of the contest, OOLD will ask Team Learning Captains to enter the name of the course(s) completed by each team member and share some overall impressions.

Information can be found on the OOLD website.

Registration Deadline: August 2020 Hot Water Workshop Tickets
Jul 31 all-day
Registration Deadline: August 2020 Hot Water Workshop

It is time to sign up for the 17th semi-annual (but first virtual!) Hot Water Grant Review Workshop! The Hot Water Grant Review Workshop will be held virtually on Friday, August 28, 2020.

Due to a high demand, please register as soon as you can make a commitment. Last minute cancellations cause unnecessary chaos; please register if you are committed to attending. Registration will close on Friday, July 31, at 12 p.m. (NOON). To sign up, please provide the following through the Google Registration form:

  1. Type of submission: full draft proposal (new/re-submission/revision); specific aims/background; You are very welcome to register as a reviewer only, in which case we are grateful for your generosity in service to your colleagues!
  2. Type of application: R01, R21, R15, NSF or other
  3. Title/Topic area of your proposal and be as specific as possible so that we can properly assign reviewers to your grant proposal. Efforts will be made to match reviewers and writers with similar expertise. However, this is only possible if participants provide a title by the 31st of July.

Participants at the Hot Water Workshop reviews offer and receive supportive and critical feedback of each other’s grant proposals. The goal of this workshop is to provide valuable feedback to grant writers, to improve their proposals just in time for the NIH R01/R21/R15 due dates in September and October. This is the first Hot Water Workshop to be held virtually. This means that participants will be provided the secure Zoom information upon registration. Faculty who do not have proposals to submit, but would be willing to provide critiques as a reviewer only are very welcome to attend.

Here’s how it works:

  • Participants prepare a well-proofed draft proposal (either a full proposal, or, for investigators at an exploratory stage, a draft consisting of specific aims and a significance/background/innovation section) two weeks prior to the review session (i.e. by August 14, 2020).
  • We will use a Google web-based collaboration website for submission of draft proposals and downloading reviews (this does require using/acquiring a Google account).
  • Participants will read and critique up to three proposals from both senior and junior investigators (depending on volume of proposals).
  • Each proposal will receive two or more critiques from reviewers. The primary reviewer will summarize the proposal, as would the primary reviewer at a study section. Instructions will be provided on the collaborative website.

Based on the success we’ve seen through participation in this workshop, we sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity. Please contact Sara Jestrab with questions related to this workshop.

9th Annual CBSD CoBRE Research Symposium @ Double Arrow Lodge Tickets
Sep 18 – Sep 20 all-day
9th Annual CBSD CoBRE Research Symposium @ Double Arrow Lodge

The 9th Annual CBSD CoBRE Research Symposium will occur Sept. 18-20, 2020, at the Double Arrow Lodge in Seeley Lake, MT. The Symposium provides us with the unique opportunity to come together as a research community to discuss the latest research in our laboratories supported by CBSD. The Symposium includes keynote seminars by outside speakers, lectures by Project Leaders who are supported by the CBSD NIH CoBRE grant, and a selection of short talks by pilot project leaders and graduate students. We especially encourage both graduate and undergraduate students to participate in a poster session. We also have presentations from our Computational, NMR, Mass Spectrometry, Integrated Structural Biology, and BioSpectroscopy Core Facilities so attendees can learn more about how these facilities can help take their research projects in new directions.

Registration will open in June 2020. Contact Sara Jestrab with questions or to be added to the email communication.