2019 Dean Stone Lecture: Celeste Headlee @ University Center Theater Tickets
Apr 2 @ 7:00 pm
2019 Dean Stone Lecture: Celeste Headlee @ University Center Theater

In a time when conversations are often minimized to a few words in a text message and lack of meaningful communication and dialogue abounds, Celeste Headlee will shed much-needed light on the lost and essential art of conversation when she delivers “Ten Ways to Have Better Conversations” as the 2019 Dean Stone Lecture hosted by the UM School of Journalism.

As a journalist, Celeste has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life. Through her work, she’s learned the true power of conversation and its ability to both bridge gaps or deepen wounds. As a mixed race woman of black and Jewish descent, Celeste also speaks candidly about how to converse on race and other difficult subjects.

She’s the author of “Heard Mentality” and “We Need To Talk: How To Have Conversations That Matter.” She has worked for 20 years in public radio, most recently as co-host of the podcast, Scene On Radio. She’s anchored Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition and was co-host of the national morning news show, The Takeaway from PRI and WNYC. Celeste’s TEDx Talk has more than 19 million views to date.